KP Drains Video Inspection and Location

Video Inspection and Location

Video Inspection is the best and only way to inspect a sewer pipe without digging. Using flexible, waterproof cameras, our camera can inspect any line larger than 3 inches.

Should I get my line Video Inspected?

Everyone can benefit from a video inspection. Even newer houses connect to older pipes with pre-existing issues. All sewer lines in the ground eventually have problems and It is extremely helpful to know where these issues are and to fix them before the pipe fails. Trees or bushes in your yard cause roots to grow in your mainline. Roots are highly problematic and completely clog your pipe. Furthermore, with roots in the line, anything solid that comes down the line gets hung up and causes a backup. Roots break pipes when left untreated. With this said, the only way to keep this from happening is a preventative maintenance program from KP Drains. Don't waste your time on expensive drain chemicals.

Repeat drain problems are very costly and can become a health concern. If you are having repeat problems, or you simply want to make sure your line is in good working condition, then you need KP Drains Video Inspection. After all, even newer houses connect to old pipes.

How does Video Inspection work?

First, our experienced KP Drains Tech opens the pipe to access your line. This involves either pulling a toilet or finding a cleanout on the line. Pipes that are fully charged with water will need to be drained before the line can be inspected. Next, the camera is inserted into the line, and the video is transmitted to a monitor in real-time. The monitor shows the camera moving through the pipe. Then, the camera is slowly pushed until we reach the area. You can see the camera move through the pipe. Issues that are found are located and marked. Finally, the video is recorded to a flash drive and given to the customer.

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