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KP Drains is on-call and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for all your drain issues. In addition, you can also e-mail us with any non-emergency questions you may have. Our expert team of sewer and drain professionals will assist you as quickly as possible to get your drain issues resolved. To summarize, we offer the best service, with the lowest prices, and we are open when you need us! Contact KP Drains Today! 978-447-5945

Not sure if you need us?

Are you unsure if you need our services? It is always better to call us before disaster strikes, and fortunately there are a number of signs that will tell you there is an issue. Some early warning signs of a drain backup could include bubbling or gurgling drains, slow drains, and even sewer smells. When drains start to back up, they will back up into the lowest drain of the house.  Be sure to check out our new Frequently Asked Questions section!

In addition to the emergency services we already provide, Preventive Maintenance is critical. Preventive Maintenance is not only for business, but for homeowners too. If you have a root problem in your main sewer line, then a preventive maintenance program is needed on a yearly basis to keep your drains flowing. Waiting to clear the roots out of a main line could damage the line, and make it harder and more costly to re-clear the line.

When you are ready, call KP Drains today to talk to a qualified technician! 978-447-5945

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For non-emergency questions, you can always email the office : [email protected]

We can provide fast, friendly, and reliable drain cleaning in the Eastern MA and surrounding areas. We are a proud member of the Wilmington MA community. No job too big or small.